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Welcome to 2K - Semester 1, 2022!

We have been working hard on following our school expectations and achieving our individual learning goals. Each morning we have morning circle time where we share any announcements and complete mathematics warmups. 

Our literacy program focuses on:

  • Developing our student’s reading, writing, spelling, handwriting and speaking and listening skills. Students develop their independence through Daily 5 activities. To improve writing outcomes, students receive explicit instruction around each step of the writing process. We are working on developing our vocabulary and comprehension skills through reading quality texts.
  • Each student has an individual writing and reading goal which they are supported to achieve through targeted instruction and regular, explicit feedback.

In Mathematics:

  • Students will learn new mathematical concepts through hands on experiences and collaboratively solving mathematical problems with peers. Students will develop their knowledge and understanding through working in small groups with the teacher in a supportive learning environment and will be provided with opportunities to be independent when exploring mathematical thinking. Students will engage in Number Talks to explore mathematical reasoning and develop efficient strategies for problem solving.
  • Students also have an individual mathematics goal to challenge and move their learning forward.


In History, we have been learning about Past and Present Family Life and in Science we have been investigating how forces work in products.  We have really enjoyed building and testing ramps, parachutes, balloon cars and coding Lego creations. Next term, we are looking forward to learning about the purpose of materials. 

In Sport and PE we have been continuing to develop our Fundamental Movement Skills. 

Our library and technology lessons take place on a Tuesday morning.  

I can’t wait to see 2K achieve their learning goals and participate in more fun, hands on learning experiences this semester!

Miss King

Classroom teacher 

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