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Welcome to Semester 2, 2023 in 3/4D!

This semester in 3/4D, we have enjoyed learning and exploring lots of new content. In Science, we have been learning all about Earth’s relationship with the Sun. We explored how the movement of the Sun and Earth effects night and day and the seasons.

In Geography, 3/4D are examining parts of earth and examining the physical characteristics of the earth’s surface. We are exploring the causes and impacts natural disasters and what we could do to be prepared for them.

In English, 3/4D are writing imaginative and persuasive texts using quality texts. During reading groups, we have continued to effectively use reciprocal reading to analyse and comprehend a range of texts with increasing difficulty.

In Mathematics, 3/4D have activated prior knowledge through the use of Number Talks. In our number talks, we solve and discuss methods to solve worded mathematical problems. Throughout our explicit lessons we use hands on materials to learn and explore about fractions and decimals, area, time, chance and probability, multiplication and division as well as addition and subtraction.

During PDHPE lessons, 3/4D have been learning how to keep themselves safe and being aware of safe and unsafe situations. We have participated in our swimming safety program and improved our swimming.

To keep updated on what’s happening in 3/4D, please check Seesaw regularly.

Brent Dawes

Classroom Teacher

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