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Welcome to Semester 2 in 5/6T!

5/6T have had a great start to Semester 2. We have been taking the time to refocus on classroom expectations and routines. All students have responded well and are enjoying their learning. All students are working hard on their personal learning goals for Writing, Reading and Maths have been showing improvement. 

In English, students are developing their skills to create imaginative, persuasive, and informative texts in writing, creating text on various topics related to our science and geography unit. Teaching of explicit literary devices and grammar and punctuation have seen improvement in writing. Students participate in guided and/or reciprocal reading weekly, students work collaboratively within a group using comprehension strategies to understand texts at a deeper level. Independent reading is practised daily, to encourage reading for enjoyment. 

In mathematics, students participate in targeted numeracy groups three times a week to support deep understanding of numeracy skills. These groups are formed in line with their personal maths goal. We investigate maths questions during our Number Talks and students get the opportunity to explain their strategies to others. This term, students are learning about length and area, angles, multiplication and division, addition and subtraction and whole number including negative numbers and cartesian planes. We have been focusing on reasoning within word problems helping to prepare for NAPLAN and Check-in assessments.

In Geography, students are learning about cultural diversity around the world, specifically focusing on Asia. They are learning the location of different countries and some of the key geographical features of the continent. Students are investigating into the lifestyles that different people lead in a variety of Asian countries and learning about population, employment and ways of life and how this differs from our own in Australia. 

In science, we are investigating and exploring space. Students are using hands on lessons and experiments to explore and consider Earth as a component within a solar system and investigate astronomical distance and scale of planets within the solar system. Students have been learning how Earth is part of a system of planets orbiting around a star. While researching how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ understanding of the night sky influenced their daily life while how space exploration has aided in our understanding of the universe while technologies that have been developed to aid space exploration have changed the way people live, work on earth. 

All students have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in Swim School and Gymnastics this term and it was great to see so much physical activity being undertaken. 

Please check seesaw for further information or call the school office.

We look forward to the remainder of Semester 2.

Irini Thornton

Classroom Teacher 

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