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Welcome to 5/6B!

What a fantastic start to 2023!

5/6B students have settled into the classroom and are enjoying learning the routines for the new school year.

Students in 5/6B are provided with learning opportunities that not only extend their learning, but also build upon their leadership capabilities. Each student has personalised learning goals and are provided with tailored teaching programs to meet their personal learning needs.  

In English, students are developing their skills to create imaginative, persuasive, and informative texts in writing for different purposes. Students work through the writing process and receive explicit instruction at each step. Teaching of spelling patterns and strategies also supports students when writing and reading. Speaking, listening, and reading activities are an important part of our literacy session. Students participate in guided and/or reciprocal reading. Comprehension strategies are explicitly taught, and students work cooperatively within a group using these strategies to understand texts at a deeper level. Independent reading is practised daily, as all students develop their reading stamina.

In mathematics, students participate in daily targeted numeracy groups to support their acquisition and deep understanding of numeracy skills. We investigate maths questions during our Number Talks and students get the opportunity to explain their strategies to others. This term, students are learning about fractions and decimals, length, area, time, patterns and algebra, data, multiplication and division, addition and subtraction and whole number. Differentiated instruction enables and supports students to practise and learn syllabus content in engaging lessons involving concrete materials and real-life problems.

In history, students are learning about Australian Colonisation. We have been Investigating the arrival of Europeans, and the impacts upon First Nations Australians since then. The students have been learning about how Australia became a nation, separate from the British Empire. There have been some excellent conversations during group activities as students discuss their knowledge about colonisation throughout the world.  

In science, we are investigating and exploring forces.  Students have been observing how energy and forces impact the world around them. The students have been enjoying the hands-on activities associated with this unit. Through hands on investigations and STEM challenges, students are involved in the design and make process and test their solutions to problems they are presented with. The inclusion of technology has strengthened their understanding of the topic also.

Throughout this term, Stage 3 are learning all about monologues during drama. Students are being given the opportunity to compose and perform their monologues during class time. These skills are being transferred into the other KLAs as students participate in group and whole class discussions.

All Jesmond Public School students participated in AFL throughout Term 1, where they learned the basics of the game. Stage 3 were also fortunate enough to participate in an extra AFL session where they met a current member of the Sydney Swans playing roster. The benefits of physical activity from PD/H/PE are used as subject matter and support the learning from other curriculum areas.

Our communication platform to share and celebrate students’ work with their families will be through Seesaw.

Ms. Raschke

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