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Welcome to Semester 2 in 5/6R!

5/6R have made a fantastic start to Semester 2!

Students in 5/6R are being provided with learning opportunities that will challenge them to take risks and build on their skills in the classroom. This challenge is accompanied by a high level of support. Each student has personalised learning goals and are provided with tailored teaching programs to meet their personal learning needs. 

In English, students are developing their skills to create a wide range of texts. Students work through the writing process and receive explicit instruction at each step. Students have been able to produce high quality texts that have been published on the computer. Teaching of spelling patterns and strategies also supports students when writing and reading. Speaking, listening and reading activities are an important part of our literacy session. Students participate in guided and/or reciprocal reading. Comprehension strategies are explicitly taught, and students work cooperatively within a group using these strategies to understand texts at a deeper level. We have been using Microsoft Teams to support us when completing reading, writing and spelling tasks.

In Mathematics, students participate in targeted numeracy groups to support their acquisition and deep understanding of numeracy skills. Studnents display a high level of enthusiasm when working towards their numeracy goals. 5/6R use a hands-on approach when exploring big ideas on maths. Students engage in number talks, giving student the opportunity to explain their thinking process when responding to a math problem and to explore reasoning and develop efficient strategies. This term, students are learning about This term, students are learning about length and area, angles, multiplication and division, addition and subtraction and whole number including negative numbers and cartesian planes. Students have also been exposed to numberless word problems. We have been using these to support students in building their skills in reasoning.

In Geography, students describe the diverse characteristics of places in different locations across local and global scales. They explain interactions between people, places and environments and identify factors influencing interconnections. Students compare spatial distributions and patterns among phenomena. They explore how people respond to a geographical challenge and investigate reasons for differing perspectives.

In Science, students develop an understanding of the relationships between science and technology, and the significance of their contribution to and impact on society. During Term 3 students will be learning about Earth’s place in our solar system and in Term 4 exploring how living things grow, survive and adapt. We enjoy using experiments to support our learning.

Communication platform to share and celebrate students’ work with their families will be through Seesaw.

Miss Robertson

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