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Welcome to Semester 2, 2023 in 1/2A!

It’s amazing that we are already this far through the year! The students of 1/2A have continued to explore our learning areas with curiosity and a sense of fun.

In mathematics we have continued to cover a variety of important numeracy ideas, including adding and subtracting, place value, measurement, and displaying data. We have also been exploring the basics of multiplication through making groups and arrays.

In English, we are exploring a range of key writing concepts, such as using adjectives to make our writing more precise, choosing the right verb tense, and arranging our text into paragraphs. All students practise their reading every day with appropriate books to challenge them at their level.

In science, our Earth and Space unit investigates changes that we can see in the sky and on land. We explore the appearance of the sun, moon and stars, and how the weather changes across the year. Our ‘Living World’ unit explores features of living things – insects, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals.

In geography, we are looking at our place in the world – exploring oceans and continents, states and suburbs. We use digital maps and other research tools to learn about places that exist on a personal, local, national and international level.

Finally, in PD/H/PE we are continuing to learn how to stay safe, healthy, and active in our environment. We have been able to work with external partners to gain some positive experience in gymnastics, cricket, and swimming.

To keep updated on what is happening in 1/2A, please check Seesaw regularly.

Tom Anlezark

Classroom Teacher

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